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Inexpensive Family Fun in Thorold

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Posted by Heather on August 8, 2013.

I took my little nephew to a movie not too long ago and when everything was said and done, between the tickets, the 3D glasses and the snacks, the bill was close to $50.  It truly made me wonder how the average family is able to afford to entertain their children.  With summer in full-swing, I decided to look into local activities for children that are either free or cost very little.  Here’s what I found:
1.) Visit the Thorold Public Library!
The Thorold Public Library offers a truly impressive amount of programs for children of all ages.  Here’s a list of just some of the events that they’re offering this summer, free of charge:
Wacky Wednesday Water Games, 2pm – Free!
Movie – Percy Jackson and the Olympians, August 9th, 2pm – Free!
In addition, the library is in full swing with its summer reading program, a daily occurrence that not only encourages a love for reading, but is also really fun!
Go to - http://www.thoroldpubliclibrary.ca/ for a complete list of their MANY activities.
2.) Go Swimming at the Nick Basciano Centre!
Almost every afternoon throughout the summer, there is a “free swim” program at the Richmond Street location for less than $5 per child.  In addition, the facility also offers daily swimming classes at a very inexpensive rate – the next session begins next week, so sign up today!
3.) Watch the Ships Climb The Mountain!
Pack a picnic and take the family over to watch the ships pass by in the canal.  In the summer, they go through frequently and there are usually crew members on deck who will wave to children as they pass by.
4.) Go On A Family Bike Ride!
Thorold has the distinction of being a bike-friendly city, so put on those helmets and head out on one of the beautiful bike trails that Thorold has to offer. Make sure to stay hydrated!
5.) Check out the New Downtown!
Thorold has so much to be proud of these days, especially its new downtown core.  With over twenty-four businesses opening in the last few months, there is truly something for every member of the family to see and do.
6.) Go to a Local Park!
Slather on the sunscreen and head out to a playground.  A few of Thorold’s parks feature splash pads, but those that don’t still have plenty to do.
7.) Attend a Free Band Concert!
Join the Thorold Reid Band on Wednesday nights for some free entertainment and some great music. Families can pack a picnic dinner and sit by the bandshell.  It’s the type of music guaranteed to make the little ones get up and dance.
8.) Do an Historic Scavenger Hunt!
Did you know how many historic locations there are around Thorold?  A LOT!  Spend some time the day before preparing a scavenger hunt for your kids.  For each location you visit, have them record something about it (even children who aren’t old enough to write can draw pictures of what they see).  Maybe even hide a “treasure” at the last landmark.
Ok Thorold, I know that I’m bound to be missing a few things – e-mail me with suggestions of family-friendly, inexpensive things to do in Thorold – heather@whatson.ca or leave them in the comment section below.  Have fun and be safe!

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