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Disrespect for the Canadian Flag in Thorold

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Thorold is 2011’s Canada’s Most Patriotic City
Posted by Anonymous on September 16, 2011.


When Canada’s flag is flown in Canada, on Canadian property elsewhere, it is to be flown over all others. When in London, England, when visiting Canada House, although in England the property is deemed Canadian soil, our flag flies proudly on the top of the flag pole. In Kandahar, all coalition forces flags are located in a line, with the Afghanistan flag above all the rest. The country’s Afghanistan flag is on top.

Beaverdams Park has three flags: the Maple Leaf on top and the other flags situated below at the same level. This is correct. Canadian flag protocol specifies that the Canadian flag should be at the top on a multiple flag pole.

But we, those in charge of flags in Thorold, have decided differently. There are several locations, on private and city property, where this is not so. Thorold’s flag is at the top, with other important flags below. The private location can be seen from the Welland Canal Pathway, just down from the Tourist Information building. City property, at the corner of St David’s Road and Front Street, just below the Keefer Inn is a very visible location. Here the Thorold flag is on the top and three other -- the Canadian Maple Leaf, American flag, and the provincial flag, are located below. This should not be.

Before the City removed the flags -- in a terrible state -- from Pine Street, just before the 2011 Canada Day, I wrote a letter to the St. Catharines Standard on this issue and nothing was acknowledged from them. These flags, since being mounted were left up, subject to the environment, continuously over several years. It was these flags that prompted this letter as Pine Street is an important gateway into the City and at the time, Arts & Craft weekend was approaching. There were rumours that new flags were to be mounted in the downtown area. The only flags downtown are those on lower Front Street, near the arena, which were in past years located along the entire length of Front Street.  These flags were removed in the fall and remounted in the spring. They remained in good condition.

My son, in the RCN, sailed off Afghanistan and my son-in-law served in Afghanistan, both serving under the Maple Leaf. Others have returned home to their families, under the maple leaf. Cannot this municipality respect OUR flag and fly it properly?

Had it not been for the real estate office of Anthony Venerri, and Terry Dow distributing many, MANY flags about the city, we would not have won the flag record and most patriotic city title. The City, from what I can see, did nothing to contribute to this honour.

As you can see, this issue is dear to my heart. I have heard from many other people when I have mentioned my peeve and they have the same issue. I had hoped that this protocol would be addressed by this municipality, but not so.


Saundra Neale


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